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When inbound logistics is incorporated into the supply chain and a holistic approach is taken, the most efficient modes of transportation may then be used as a tool to reduce lead times, resulting in huge reductions in inventory costs.


We use customised methodologies such as closed circuit distribution systems to streamline pipelines, deliver superior performance, reduce distribution costs, reduce stock levels and minimise damage to stock.


By determining the correct inventory mix, we ensure our client’s have the right inventory in the right place at the right time. Accurate forecasts of demand, supply, inventory and consolidated data, means access to better business information and more informed decisions, resulting in improved cash flows.


Nucleus is able to offer its client’s flexibility in the supply chain by recommending alternative sourcing options, Domestic — throughout Africa — International. Our ability to offer flexible, alternative sourcing options means lead times can be optimised and reduced, thereby minimising total inventory and procurement costs.


Nucleus is able to optimise the warehouse process by enabling it to operate quickly, efficiently and effectively, by correctly managing flow, space, storage, bin allocation, systems, procedures and risk management which reduce time, transport and duplication in receipting.