Value-Adding Diversity

Nucleus Supply Chain Management

Nucleus understands that every client has different needs. To this end, we engage the customer on a partnership basis thus ensuring win-win relationships are developed.

Nucleus Retail Supply Chains

  • Design, implement and manage the movement of all non-merchandise shipments locally and internationally. This is all managed via a central command centre and sophisticated IT systems.
  • E-commerce is a growing industry in South Africa. Retailers that are able to offer this service affordably have an advantage over their competitors.
  • Analysis of current and prospective client’s supply chains identifying opportunities and potential cost saving initiatives.

Nucleus Mining and Africa Logistics

  • Create real value through intense customer focus.
  • Share risk with our customers.
  • Improve customer’s competitive edge and their bottom line by continuously adding value.
  • Continue to build long-term, win-win partnerships with ur clients.
  • Ensure we continue to build globally competitive and innovative supply chain management skills and solutions.