Empowerment Philosophy


Nucleus is committed to BEE transformation — both for business and principled reasons — and has developed a B-BBEE strategy to guide our desire to create sustainable relationships with the public sector.

Nucleus Supply Chain Management

 Currently Certified As

 Level 3 B-BBEE Rating


110% Procurement Recognition Level 


26% Black Ownership


People are the core foundation of our business and driving employment equity is fundamental to our recruitment and promotion strategy. Our B-BBEE scorecard demonstrates that we have achieved our compliance target percentage of Black employees in Senior, Middle and Junior Management—with a notable 89.66% of Junior Management being Black employees.


We recognise the importance of training our employees. We have enabled our previously disadvantaged employees by embarking on recognised Learnership programmes in an effort to bridge the skills gap. This in turn improves both our capability and increases our capacity.


Our supplier analysis strategy ensures that we procure from a wide range of companies—from small to large—with special attention being given to those that are wholly black owned. We spent over 43% of our procurement on Qualifying Small Enterprises and Exempt Micro Enterprises.


We have endevoured to assist entrepreneurs in the logistics industry by providing them with the tools to build their companies and secure their future. Our initiatives include bringing entrepreneurs into the market as owner-drivers and/or subcontractors; 75% or more of whom are previously disadvantaged.


We believe in providing the youth with a foundation for a better future. Our CSI budget is distributed amongst Orphanages and Bursary Fund Organisations—providing both living essentials for the youth and bursaries to talented previously disadvantaged scholars.

Nucleus is continually and proactively driving its B-BBEE strategy to ensure it makes the necessary adjustments in order to be compliant with the amended Codes of Good Practice and to ensure it remains an Empowering Supplier.